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Tool #105: Plagium

Type:  Plagiarism Detector

Teacher:  All Levels (All Content Areas)

Student Use:  Check paraphrasing skills, Ensure essay is not plagiarized (teacher use = check for plagiarism)

Plagium is a simple to use plagiarism checker.  Simply paste the questioned text into the box and click “Track Plagiarisms” to search the net for lifted material.  A list of possible sites is listed along with a chart that shows of how often the text appeared on the web. 

Using a search engine likely yields similar results, but the text box on Plagium allows more text to be entered than a standard searchengine text box (I think … I may have just made that up!  But, it makes sense to me).  🙂


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Tool #92: Vaughan Plagiarism

Type:  Tutorial about Plagiarism

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Level (Any research writing)

Student Use:  Learn about plagiarism, Check plagiarism understanding

The Vaughan Plagiarism Tutorial allows students to pick a character (based on the type of research writing they will be doing … arts, sciences) … and answer questions of different citing situations that arise during the writing process. 


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Tool #84: Lightning Bug

Type:  Online Writing Instruction

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Level (Language Arts, Creative Writing)

Student Use:  Practice writing skills, Story development

Lightning Bug takes all the best components of teaching writing and puts it into digital format for you and your students to explore.  Has an area of the site dedicated to teachers, but the site also has links to plot development, voice, character … all the things that must be considered for story writing. 


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Tool #63: Writing Fix

Type:  Interactive writing lessons

Teacher:  All Levels (Language Arts)

Student Use:  Hone writing ideas, improve writing skills

Writing Fix is a huge collection of interactive writing tools and lessons for teachers and students.  There are so many ways this site could be used in the classroom that my only suggestion is to check it out.  Below is an example of the writing prompt tool for younger writers.


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Tool #53: Essay Map

Type:  Essay Writing Tool

Teacher:  Lower/Middle Level (any class that requires essay writing)

Student Use:  Essay writing, Topic and detail practice, Prewriting planning

Essay Map walks students through the necessary steps to create an informative essay.  When all fields are complete, students can print their essay map (completed graphic organizer). 


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Tool #33: BibMe

Type:   Citation Generator

Teacher:  All (personal use), All subjects that require research writing

Student Use:  Citations for research paper, Teaching about plagiarism

BibMe creates bibliography entries (citations) with all the right “stuff” (underlining, semi-colons, commas … you name it, BibMe will get it right) for books, articles, websites and more.  BibMe has an auto-fill option if you know, for example, the ISBN.  Or, you can manually enter the information (Author, Title, etc) and BibMe will do the rest. 


Some educators believe that is it necessary for students to “memorize” appropriate citation setup and punctuation.  If that describes you, BibMe is a tool you will not want to investigate.  While I can still create APA style citations from memory due to my grad school days, I think it is more important for students to understand WHY citations are required than HOW citations are created.  Oh, and when the next edition of the APA Style Manual comes out, my memorized citation knowledge will likely be outdated … BibMe to the rescue!

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Tool #15: Mind42

Type:  Mindmapping (has collaborative function, too)

Teacher:  All Levels

Student Use:  Pre-writing, Planning, Outlining, Collaboration

Mind42 is one of many mind-mapping tools.  I like this one because of the ease of collaboration.  It allows you to use text or images, embed links and attach documents to the “nodes” you create.  A little clunky in the beginning, but once you get the hang of the tools, it is very easy. 






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Tool #7: WriteWith

Type:  Writing Collaboration

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Levels

Student Use:  Writing activities, peer editing, group activities

WriteWith is a writing collaboration tool that allows users to upload docs, share with others, and track editing changes. 

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Tool #5: Plagiarism

Type:  Plagiarism checker

Teacher:  Upper Levels (Research writing)

Student Use:  Check paraphrasing skills

PlagiarismDetect was designed by a student for students (but teachers, can’t you see the potential here in both teaching and grading capacities?) … after uploading a document it is analyzed against search engine data, a percent is determined of matching information.

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