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Tool #44: ShareTabs

Type:   Website sharing tool

Teacher:  All Levels, All Content Areas

Student Use:  Organize Internet research, Webquest-type activities

ShareTabs is a super simple tool that allows you to create one link for all the sites you want to share with others in one short URL.   It displays the sites in tab form and thumbnail form.  Easy way to get topical sites to your students. 

Here is an example of a ShareTab I created of the sites that I author or coauthor.


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Tool #35: Sqworl

Type:  Website sharing, Modified webquests

Teacher:  All levels, All subjects

Student Use:  Internet site exploring, Modified webquests, Collaboration

Sqworl (love the name) lets you create one URL that houses several related sites.  This would be handy when you want your students to explore multiple sites … your students type in 1 website address, not multiple addresses (quite a time saver).  I also think the components of a Webquest could be easily applied to Sqworl, but I need to investigate that a bit more. 

Here is a short tutorial … as you listen, think of a topic you would want your students to explore. 

Here is an example created by a library media specialist for 5th graders working on their first research-style assignment (Thanks, DB, for sharing). 

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