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Tool #117: VocabSushi

Type:  Online Vocabulary Builder

Teacher:  Upper Level (Communication Arts, SAT/ACT Prep)

Classroom Use:  Independent vocab practice

VocabSushi tailors its procession through vocabulary words to student progress.  VocabSushi uses real world contextual examples to words encountered on the SAT and ACT.  VocabSushi allows your students to take the learning with them by downloading vocabulary to MP3 Players.  WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN MORE:

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Tool #86: Word Spy

Type:  Dictionary of New Words

Teacher:  Upper Level (Language Arts)

Student Use:  Vocabulary study, Linguistics

Flotsametrics, Mindcasting … do these words mean anything to you?  Word Spy is a chronological dictionary of words that enter the lexicon.  Some of these may not be words that officially make it to Webster’s, but they are words that have buzz behind them.  Excellent resource for language or vocabulary lessons.


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Tool #85: VocabGrabber

Type:  Vocabulary Analysis

Teacher:  Upper/Middle Levels (All content areas)

Student Use:  Vocabulary building, Definitions, Synonyms

VocabGrabber is a tool that analyzes your digital text.  You can sort text by occurrence (like Wordle) or familiarity.   Each word can be further analyzed visually, by definition and by use.  A great way to enhance your vocabulary instruction. 


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Tool #8: Word Ahead

Type:  Vocabulary building

Teacher:  Upper

Student Use:  ACT and SAT prep

I can’t wait to use this in my classroom!  Word Ahead is a huge collection of vocabulary videos to prepare students for the ACT or SAT.  Short (30 to 60 second) videos give a definition and several uses of the word.  The Study Room allows students to review videos or flashcards of the words.   


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