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Tool #102: NeoK12

Type:  Educational Videos

Teacher:  All Levels (All Content Areas)

Student Use:  Explore concepts, reinforce concepts

NeoK12 has sorted hundreds of YouTube and Metacafe videos into educational categories.  Current categories include:  Physical Science, Life Science, Human Body, Earth and Space, Social Studies, Health, Math and English.  Thanks to Richard Byrne for sharing this resource on his site


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Tool #99: The Story of Stuff

Type:  Video about Production and Consumption of “Stuff”

Teacher:  All Levels (Science, Social Studies, Environmental Club)

Student Use:   Increase understanding of environmental issues

The Story of Stuff is more than a 20 minute video (though the video is informative and engaging) … The Story of Stuff is a call to action to be conscious of how we get and what we do with “stuff.” 

If your school has an environmental club, this site is worth their investigation.  It promises a school curriculum is on the way. 



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Tool #68: PBS Video

Type:  PBS Programs Online

Teacher:  All Levels (All Content Areas)

Student Use:  Supplement learning, Listening and viewing skills

Go to PBS Video to share episodes of your favorite PBS progams with your students.  Channels include some of the most famous PBS programming such as Nature, American Experience, NOVA, and Frontline.  (I recently used 2 Frontline programs for my students when we were studying media literacy). 


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Tool #54: Jove

Type:  Science Experiment Videos

Teacher:  Upper Level (Science, Health Careers)

Student Use:  Investigate scientific method, Understand specific experiments

Jove stands for Journal of Visualized Experiments … and that is exactly what you get with Jove … documentary style explanations of scientific experimentation.  Categories include medicine, neuroscience, developmental biology, cellular biology, plant biology, microbiology, immunology and basic protocols.  Includes pdf files to replicate the experiments. 


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Tool #38: SnagFilms

Type:  Full-feature documentaries

Teacher:  All Levels (esp. Science and Social Studies)

Student Use:  Reinforcement of classroom concepts

SnagFilms is a place you want to look before you drop cash on documentaries for your classroom.  Several channels are included like National Geographic and PBS.  Over 600 documentaries free for the viewing.


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Tool #34: Kids’ Vid

Type:  Tools and Guidelines for Video Creation

Teacher:  All levels, (Communication Arts)

Student Use:  Video production, Storytelling

Kids’ Vid is a website for teachers and students to create the best video possible.  From scripting to editing, it provides guidelines for teachers and tools and tips for students.  

Here is an example of their Advance Storyboard Tool:


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Tool #9: Animoto

Type:  Video, Slideshow Production

Teacher:  All Levels (any teacher that requires student presentations)

Student Use:  Visuals for presentations, Reflection activities

Animoto creates stylish slideshow videos with minimal work from you.  You upload your images, you pick your song (from their library or your computer) and Animoto does the rest.  30 second shorts are free after creating an account. 

My students have created Animotos for symbols in The Great Gatsby and as reflection on Night.  I’ve used Animoto for anticipatory sets. 

The example below is one I made for fun (my first try with Animoto) using images of my dogs.  All of the effects are done by Animoto during rendering (takes about 5 minutes). 

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