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Tool #30: WordPress

Type:  Website and blog builder

Teacher:  All levels

Student Use:  Class site, Student blogging, Student site, Collaboration

WordPress is the platform I am using to create this site.  You probably need a small adventuresome streak to explore using WordPress, but it is far from complex (a little knowledge will get you a long way in creating a site). 

Here is a snapshot of my dashboard:


If that doesn’t intimidate you (and, it shouldn’t … you can do it!), then go for it.

And, here, I thought I would post a “getting started with WordPress” tutorial, but I can’t find one that has all the info I am looking for.  So, if you get started with WordPress and get stuck, a Google search is a good place to start (e.g. add post in wordpress) OR leave a comment on this site and I will try to help. 

Warning:  Don’t spend 3 days choosing the perfect theme for your blog (like I did … so many themes to try on!  It’s like a shoe store for your laptop!)

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