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Tool #33: BibMe

Type:   Citation Generator

Teacher:  All (personal use), All subjects that require research writing

Student Use:  Citations for research paper, Teaching about plagiarism

BibMe creates bibliography entries (citations) with all the right “stuff” (underlining, semi-colons, commas … you name it, BibMe will get it right) for books, articles, websites and more.  BibMe has an auto-fill option if you know, for example, the ISBN.  Or, you can manually enter the information (Author, Title, etc) and BibMe will do the rest. 


Some educators believe that is it necessary for students to “memorize” appropriate citation setup and punctuation.  If that describes you, BibMe is a tool you will not want to investigate.  While I can still create APA style citations from memory due to my grad school days, I think it is more important for students to understand WHY citations are required than HOW citations are created.  Oh, and when the next edition of the APA Style Manual comes out, my memorized citation knowledge will likely be outdated … BibMe to the rescue!

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Tool #32: Evernote

Type:  Digital storage and notation

Teacher:  All (for personal use), All subjects, middle & upper

Student Use:  Research skills, Digital technology skills

Evernote lets you take notes on all of the digital content you encounter and organize and share it.  From to-do lists to screenshots of websites, Evernote is a one-spot-stop for getting your digital “stuff” organized. 

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