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Tool #26: VuVox

Type:  Presentation, Video

Teacher:  All (for instruction), Middle and upper (for student presentations)

Student Use:  Presentations (students and teacher), Anticipatory sets, Culminating project

VuVox makes your presentations dynamic.  Several tools are included (collage, studio) and I have not explored all of them.  The neatest part is instead of hyperlinking, you can install hotspots that automatically “pop up” when you cursor over them. 

The image below is a snapshot of a VuVox collage I made (with a colleague) when we presented in Seattle.  Instead of slides, you can scroll the images to the side as you progress through the presentation.  And see that green circle on the movie screen, when the cursor goes over that our movie automatically began playing … I found an image of a movie theater and then hotspotted our video. 

Okay, I’m not doing VuVox justice … my only suggestion is to explore.  Go, go now! 


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