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Tool #18: GCast

Type:  Podcast Hosting

Teacher:  All Levels (Any teacher looking for an additional audience to student writing and reading)

Student Use:  Sharing writing, collaboration

GCast will host your podcasts and house them in the order you make additions.  By sharing the URL, you can share the podcasts with anyone.  Last year, my students created podcasts of an essay they wrote (in the theme of NPR’s This I Believe essay).  Click here to listen (the podcast begins automatically and the first one is a test cast … then, the student podcasts begin.  If you want to listen to others, scroll down [you have to pause the one that is playing before clicking the green arrow to listen to another]). 


You will need a microphone (mine cost less than $30 at Best Buy).  You will need to download Audacity (a VERY cool audio recording program … and, it’s free).  If you get stuck, check with your band teacher (or any student that plays in a garage band). 

Here’s a tutorial (I just use the red, green and yellow button) and then export as .wav to GCast).


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