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Tool #105: Plagium

Type:  Plagiarism Detector

Teacher:  All Levels (All Content Areas)

Student Use:  Check paraphrasing skills, Ensure essay is not plagiarized (teacher use = check for plagiarism)

Plagium is a simple to use plagiarism checker.  Simply paste the questioned text into the box and click “Track Plagiarisms” to search the net for lifted material.  A list of possible sites is listed along with a chart that shows of how often the text appeared on the web. 

Using a search engine likely yields similar results, but the text box on Plagium allows more text to be entered than a standard searchengine text box (I think … I may have just made that up!  But, it makes sense to me).  🙂


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Tool #92: Vaughan Plagiarism

Type:  Tutorial about Plagiarism

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Level (Any research writing)

Student Use:  Learn about plagiarism, Check plagiarism understanding

The Vaughan Plagiarism Tutorial allows students to pick a character (based on the type of research writing they will be doing … arts, sciences) … and answer questions of different citing situations that arise during the writing process. 


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