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Tool #116: Shine + Write

Type:  Lessons for the interactive white board

Teacher:  Lower Level (Math)

Classroom Use:  Practice math concepts

Shine + Write houses over 40 interactive math lessons for your classroom.  Created with the interactive whiteboard in mind, these lessons bring animation and graphics to enhance everyday math lessons.

shine write 

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Tool #113: Web2.0 Calc

Type:  Scientific Calculator

Teacher:  Upper Level (Math and Science)

Classroom Use:  All class demo of scientific calculation

Web2.0 Calc is perfect for teachers that have LCD projectors and/or interactive whiteboards.  Display a giant scientific calculator to demonstrate calculations whole class or ask students to practice individually. 

sci calculator

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Tool #108: XP Math

Type:  Math games and math resources

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Level (Mathematics)

Student Use:  Practice math skills, compete online in math games

XP Math is a collection of math games for operations, algebra, geometry, measurement and probability.  Student’s game scores are compared to other online players and a champion list is included. 


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Tool #97: Illuminations

Type:  Interactive Math Simulations and Lessons

Teacher:  All Levels (Mathematics)

Student Use:  Review math concepts, Reinforce math concepts

Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Illuminations houses over 100 standards-based activities for grades K to high school.  Use your digital projector to share the interactives with the entire class. 


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Tool #93: Numeracy Excel

Type:  Downloadable Excel spreadsheets to teach math concepts

Teacher:  Lower/Middle (Mathematics)

Student Use:  Learn math concepts, Practice math concepts

These Numeracy Excel Spreadsheets cover a variety of math concepts (e.g. sequence, place value, estimation, rounding, probability).  Some of the spreadsheets are for student practice, others are for whole-class instruction. 


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Tool #87: Villainy, Inc

Type:  Interactive Math Site

Teacher:  Middle Level (Math)

Student Use:  Practice probability, algebra, geometry …

Villainy, Inc follows the animated charcters of Dr. Eugene Wick, ID, and his sidekick Platy (TOO cute).  It is the job of your students to thwart the plans of Dr. Wick and Platy as they try for world domination.  Math skills are put to the test.  Created by Maryland Public Television. 


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Tool #73: Tutpup

Type:  Math Interactive

Teacher:  Lower/Middle Level (Math)

Student Use:  Math skill practice

Tutpup is unlike other math interactive sites because if your students register, they can compete in math games with other students across the world.  Covers math basics through introductory algebra. 


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Tool #71: Fuel the Brain

Type:  Online Math Games

Teacher:  All Levels (Math)

Student Use:  Practice math skills

Fuel the Brain has a collection of games to bring practice and fun to Numbers & Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Probability, Algebra and Problem Solving.  As of now, there seems to be more games for lower levels. 


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Tool #64: Times Tables Grid

Type:  Interactive multiplication tool

Teacher:  Lower Level (Math)

Student Use:  Multiplication fact practice

Times Tables Grid gives your students practice with multiplcation tables 1 through 10.  Students can play against the clock for added competition and fun. 


Thanks, Keith Schoch, for sharing!  For more math tools for the classroom, check out his math compilation site.

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Tool #55: Maths Online

Type:  Math Interactives

Teacher:  Lower Level (Math)

Student Use:  Improve number and math skills.

Maths Online houses several interactive math tools that work great with a digital projector … digital number line, coin toss probability, time-distance graphs, etc.   


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Tool #31: ECalc

Type:  Online Scientific Calculator

Teacher:  Middle & Upper Level, Math and Science

Student Use:  Calculations, Conversions

ECalc is an online scientific calendar AND unit converter.  Use it for free on the site or you can download it to your desktop for a fee.  Great for teachers with digital projectors to share calculations with the entire class. 


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Tool #11: NASA Online

Type:  Math and science learning modules

Teacher:  All Levels (Math and Science)

Student Use:  Enhance a variety of math and science activities

NASA Online houses teaching videos and simulations for math, science and technology lessons for grades K-college.   Topics include, but not limited to, ratio, graphing, electricity and sound. 


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Tool #10: Interactivate

Type:  Math simulations

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Levels (Math)

Student Use:  A variety of simulations tailored to math standards

Interactivate houses over 100 interactive math simulation activities and tools for geometry, algebra, statistics, etc.  Okay, I’m a Language Arts teacher, so hopefully a math teacher can comment and give you more info.  🙂


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