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Tool #56: Be Funky

Type:  Image (Photo) to Artwork Generator

Teacher:  All Levels (Most content areas – pictures, posters, bulletin boards)

Student Use:  Image creation, Artwork creation, Visual displays

Be Funky is one of the coolest tools I have found so far … upload an image from your computer and then make it into artwork by adding effects like The Warholizer or The Stenciler or The Cartoonizer.  ADD THIS TO BLOCKPOSTERS (described below) and you have a great source for classroom posters or bulletin boards.

In the image below, I uploaded a photograph that I took of my senior students as we toured The University of Kansas.  Look at the results!   I am in awe! 


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Tool #29: Photovisi

Type:  Collage builder

Teacher:  All levels, Any image creation activity

Student Use:  Image creation, Presentation visuals

Photovisi is a super simple-to-use collage builder.  About a dozen templates are available (some rows and columns, some clusters, some use one of your images as the background) … choose your template, upload your images, and whiz-bang-pop you have yourself a collage. 

This is one I created from photos of my recent trip to Seattle: 


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Tool #28: Block Poster

Type:  Print giant posters (to piece together) on 8×11.5 paper

Teacher:  All levels

Student Use:  Images for the classroom, Spirit posters for the hallway

Block Poster takes the image you upload and blows it up to the size you specify.  Then, it prints the blown up poster on 8×11.5 paper for you to piece together. 

So, if I wanted to create a large version (4 feet by 6 feet) of the Glogster poster I created earlier, I upload my Glogster jpg and come up with this:


This photo will print on 30 pieces of paper, creating a large poster of my photo.  I piece them together and presto!  (Thanks, TS, for sharing this cool tool!)

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Tool #21: Picturing America

Type:  Artwork gallery

Teacher:  All Levels (Art teachers or teachers that teach thematically)

Student Use:  Connect to art, art analysis, visual writing prompts

Picturing America is not so much a tool, but rather an impressive gallery of artwork dipicting American themes.  Perfect resource for those of us with digital projectors.  The educator’s page has a downloadable resource book.  There seems to be a contest of sorts to receive laminated reproductions of the artwork, but as far as I can tell, the contest is closed (but worth investigating if this is an annual event). 

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Tool #14: Glogster

Type:  Image/Sign creation

Teacher:  All Levels

Student Use:  Variety of creation and reflection activities

Glogster makes poster creation easy.  You can use images from the Glogster library, or you can upload your images.  Animations, video and music can be added, too, if you want to keep the poster in digital format.

Cool for signs and posters specific for your classroom. 

I spent less than 5 minutes and created the image below. 



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