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Tool #98: Virtual Forest

Type:  Interactive on Environmental Science

Teacher:  Lower/Middle Level (Science)

Student Use:  Learn about impact of choices on environment

In the Virtual Forest, students learn how their choices in school, at home, in a park and in a store can change the environment.  Choices are given for everyday activities (e.g. charging your MP3 player, taking notes in class, cleaning up after an art activity) and the score accumulates for the health of the environment. 


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Tool #95: Reading Ring

Type:  Reading Game

Teacher:  Lower Level (Language Arts)

Student Use:  Practice reading concepts

Reading Ring is a game that features a buffed up Garfield (the cat) in a wrestling match with Dr. Stripp.  To win the match, students must correctly answer questions about short Garfield comic strips (e.g. sequence, comprehension).


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