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Tool #59: FlexBook

Type:  E-Textbooks

Teacher:  Upper (Science and Math)

Student Use:  Access textbooks

Attention Administrators!  Flexbook is likely the future of textbooks.  And, as such, a much MUCH cheaper alternative to physical textbooks … think of the money savings, the shelf savings, the damage savings … wow.  Flexbook materials are created by experts in the field (e.g. teachers!)


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Tool #52: Wowio

Type:  Free Online Books

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Level (Language Arts … though several non-fiction categories are available)

Student Use:  Reading, Independent Reading, Book Study

Wowio is a large collection of free ebooks (online digital book).  Books can be read online for free or downloaded for a very small fee.  A great opportunity for classrooms as we face budget issues.  Categories include (but are not limited to) classics, law, reference, poetry, history.  A definite site to check before making book purchases for your personal or classroom library.   


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