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Tool #104: Exploratorium

Type:  Activities, Exhibits

Teacher:  All Levels (All Content Areas)

Student Use:  Explore topics, Enhance instruction

Exploratorium was created by San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts and was one of the first websites by a science museum.  There are so many activities here I can’t figure out how to break them down for you.  Categorized by online activites, online exhibits and hands-on activities, your students can build a solar system, explore the science of cooking or make a mummy.  Truly, the list goes on an on. 



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Tool #103: CurriculumBits

Type:  Online Interactives

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Level (All Curriculum Areas)

Student Use:  Practice concepts, reinforce concepts

CurriculumBits has a comprehensive collection of interactives for a variety of subjects.  … Practice saying the days of the week in German, learn how to use a semi-colon to beef or your writing, review your understanding of the respiratory system … CurriculumBits uses games, quizzes, animations and videos to enhance the lessons.


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