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Tool #89: Twiddla

Type:  Online Collaborative Whiteboard

Teacher:  All Levels (All Content Area) and Professional Development

Student Use:  Group work, Homework help, Planning

Twiddla is one of many free online collaborative whiteboard spaces.  I like this one because it gives users the opportunity to kick the tires before launching a real session (you are kicking the tires at the same time someone else is kicking the tires … you are collaborating!)  You can write, type, draw, highlight … upload videos, bring in websites … I can imagine this being a great tool for math teachers.  Invite others to your session and collaborate in real time. 



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Tool #88: Aspire

Type:  Online Lessons and Labs for Science

Teacher:  Upper Level (Science, Physical Science, Astronomy)

Student Use:  Explore science through online labs

ASPIRE features lessons and labs to enhance classroom content.  Lessons that are created by teachers and shared here include:  seismic waves, star life cycle and moon phases.  Includes an “Ask a Scientist” link for students and also has a section devoted to careers in the science field. 


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Tool #87: Villainy, Inc

Type:  Interactive Math Site

Teacher:  Middle Level (Math)

Student Use:  Practice probability, algebra, geometry …

Villainy, Inc follows the animated charcters of Dr. Eugene Wick, ID, and his sidekick Platy (TOO cute).  It is the job of your students to thwart the plans of Dr. Wick and Platy as they try for world domination.  Math skills are put to the test.  Created by Maryland Public Television. 


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