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Tool #85: VocabGrabber

Type:  Vocabulary Analysis

Teacher:  Upper/Middle Levels (All content areas)

Student Use:  Vocabulary building, Definitions, Synonyms

VocabGrabber is a tool that analyzes your digital text.  You can sort text by occurrence (like Wordle) or familiarity.   Each word can be further analyzed visually, by definition and by use.  A great way to enhance your vocabulary instruction. 



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Tool #84: Lightning Bug

Type:  Online Writing Instruction

Teacher:  Middle/Upper Level (Language Arts, Creative Writing)

Student Use:  Practice writing skills, Story development

Lightning Bug takes all the best components of teaching writing and puts it into digital format for you and your students to explore.  Has an area of the site dedicated to teachers, but the site also has links to plot development, voice, character … all the things that must be considered for story writing. 


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