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Tool #56: Be Funky

Type:  Image (Photo) to Artwork Generator

Teacher:  All Levels (Most content areas – pictures, posters, bulletin boards)

Student Use:  Image creation, Artwork creation, Visual displays

Be Funky is one of the coolest tools I have found so far … upload an image from your computer and then make it into artwork by adding effects like The Warholizer or The Stenciler or The Cartoonizer.  ADD THIS TO BLOCKPOSTERS (described below) and you have a great source for classroom posters or bulletin boards.

In the image below, I uploaded a photograph that I took of my senior students as we toured The University of Kansas.  Look at the results!   I am in awe! 


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Tool #55: Maths Online

Type:  Math Interactives

Teacher:  Lower Level (Math)

Student Use:  Improve number and math skills.

Maths Online houses several interactive math tools that work great with a digital projector … digital number line, coin toss probability, time-distance graphs, etc.   


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Tool #54: Jove

Type:  Science Experiment Videos

Teacher:  Upper Level (Science, Health Careers)

Student Use:  Investigate scientific method, Understand specific experiments

Jove stands for Journal of Visualized Experiments … and that is exactly what you get with Jove … documentary style explanations of scientific experimentation.  Categories include medicine, neuroscience, developmental biology, cellular biology, plant biology, microbiology, immunology and basic protocols.  Includes pdf files to replicate the experiments. 


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