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Tool #4: Wiggio

Type:  Collaboration

Teacher:  All (for staff development), Upper grades (for classroom)

Student Use:  Any activity that requires group work

Wiggio looks fantastic, I can’t wait to use it.  Make meeting even simplier with all of the meeting tools (e.g. calendar, file) all in 1 place and accessible by anyone in your group. 

Only Wiggio admins need to register at Wiggio, the members of your group simply get an email message to join your group. 

Watch this tutorial to get started.

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Tool #3: Create-a-Graph

Type:  Graph generator

Teacher:  All Levels (site looks elementary, but it is a powerful tool)

Student Use:  Number skills, Technical reading

Create-a-graph requires no Excel knowledge … create graphs (e.g. bar graph, pie charts) with your data set.  Graphs can be printed and shared.


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Tool #2: Cramberry

Type:  Study Tool, Flashcards

Teacher:  All Levels

Student Activity:  Review, Independent Study

Cramberry allows students to create digital flashcards to match the content needed to review and study.  Sets of flashcards can be shared with other cramberry users as well. 

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